Friday, July 8, 2011

The M&M Shop

The world premier of Harry Potter was yesterday and Alex wanted to go to it but we said that there would be soooooooooooo many people that you wouldn't be able to see anything. We found a spot round the back and dad and Alex said that they would stay.

Sooo me and Tami went walking and came too M&M world!!!

Then we went for pizza at the Soho Pizzaria!

We also went to Hamleys, the biggest toy shop in the UK!

Then What Happened....

The next day we went to the London Eye and it took us nearly an hour to go around because people were getting on and off constantly.

We caught a cab and went to the London Dungeon but the queue was EXTREMELY MMAASSIIVVEE!!!!!! So we went to the Science Mueseum instead.

It was really fun when I was building weather boxes for scientests to look at and it was hilarious when dad and I coulden`t find Georgia in the science section, but the museum started closing down so we went to Hyde Park and the Royal Albert Hall for a bit,

then home by train,  I suppose we`re going to the London Dungeon tomorrow (Fri 1st July).

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The London Film Museum

After lunch @ Harrods we went to the London Film Museum. We were supposed to be going to the London Eye but there was a massive queue and it was to hot to stand in line,

 so we went to the film museum instead. Alex loved it because it had a Harry Potter section AND a Star Wars section.

There was a statue of Marylin Munroe and gigantic chess pieces. There was the dinasour from Night at the Museum 2. It moved and Alex got a massive fright from it. Hahahahehehehhe!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lunch @ Harrods

We went up into London yesterday on the train. After we'd arrived we went to Harrods for lunch and we saw a castle cake that was selling for £1195! We have a picture of it to but it isn't uploading sooo... We had real sushi for lunch and when we say that we mean like raw tuna and seaweed salad. Mmmm! It was yummy!